About Us

After 10 years in a corporate retail setting, I decided to take a pause and begin a more peaceful, creative endeavor. I took my first pottery class in November of 2021. What began as a therapeutic practice evolved into a joyful, honest and hands on lesson in the art of letting go.  Pottery teaches me how to take risks, fail bravely and how to create beauty through small actions.  It also fulfills a need to create joy for others through making things with my own hands. My hope is that you can feel this through the pieces I make.


I’ll happily ship anywhere!

All shipping costs are paid by the buyer, and any additional international taxes or shipping charges that may arise will be the responsibility of the buyer as well. Currently, my shop page works with a flat rate formula for shipping in the US  and  I'm experimenting with flat rate shipping for Canada and the UK.

If you are somewhere else in the world, but concerned about shipping charges, send me an email with the additional details on your international destination and the piece you would like--I would be happy to estimate shipping charges for you! If you purchase it, I will send you an online e-invoice you directly once I calculate the actual shipping costs (it's easily payable from your computer with a credit card). Apologies that this is somewhat cumbersome, I'll be streamlining this once I understand the mechanics a bit better.



I do not generally accept returns, but want you to love your piece. If there is a problem, or you are disappointed with your purchase, please contact me via email with the details within a week of receipt to see what we can do about an exchange.